About Us


We work for you!

·        With over 30 years of experience in the trade, we can assure you we know what we are doing.

·        We offer pricing discounts on all our products and services up to 40%.

·        We will work as a representative of your company or we can bill the customer directly.

·        We guaranty our labor for 1 year

·        We are licensed, Bonded and insured.

·        We have a warehouse located in Phoenix where we can do any major repairs or restorations of safes.

·        We keep a stock of parts and locks so most of our jobs are completed in one day.

·        We can transport safes up to 2000 pounds


We offer:

•       Wholesale safe sales

•       Safes opened

•       Safes repaired

•       Safes serviced

•       Safes refurbished

•       Safe restoration

•       Safe moving

•       Safe storage

•       Safe shipping service

•       Custom safe interiors